Graph Algorithms Pipeline for Pathway Analysis

Welcome. GrAPPA is a web-based interface constructed on the Galaxy framework for graph theoretical tools. It contains novel combinatorial methods integrated into a complete microarray analysis toolchain, from uploading raw high-throughput data to visualization of results. Efforts to increase GrAPPA’s functionality are underway. Features now being incorporated include:

  • a larger repertoire of pre-processing options, including Gaussian graphical models and an expanded set of correlation metrics such as mutual information
  • more powerful post-processing capabilities, for example, software tools for Bayesian analysis
  • links to related web-centric resources, e.g. GeneWeaver, so that users can seamlessly transfer data and results

Enter GrAPPA

About the project

Grappa is a project group in the Langston Lab at the University of Tennessee.

Graduate Student

Brett Hagan


Michael A. Langston

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